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LandCAD Introduction

LandCad is a professional Landsurveying CAD-system, designed and produced in Denmark by the company Toft-Nielsen A/S, by a staff of professional landsurveyors and engineers, familiar with landsurveying praxis in the field. The company is founded in 1987.

LandCad is used worldwide in surveying companies, engineer- and contractor companies, state institutions, municipalities, energy companies, schools and universities, in all landsurvey tasks, and as an intelligent, value-adding connection between GPS-equipment/totalstations at one hand, and Geographichal Information Systems at the other hand.

LandCad is handling all types of userfriendly graphical landsurveying, all types of 2D- and 3D-transformation, circle-circle-calculation, line-line-calculation, wireregistration, volumecalculation, cut/fill calculation, 3D-visualization, GIS with database-connection, WMS/WFS-internet-maps and professional plotting, from A4- to A0-oversize-format.

3D-volume-calculation Property map

Urban map Measuring deformation of a bridge

Measuring Electrical Equipment Cross-section with volumecalculation


LandCad can handle UTM-coordinatesystem and local coordinatesystems with and without deformation.

LandCad can communicate with all types of GPS-equipment and totalstations, and is fully 3D.

LandCad can 2-way-translate data between a lot of CAD/GIS-dataformats :


LandCAD in Jamaica A happy student


Training and exercising LandCAD TriangleTerrain Model

exported to Scanlaser VisualDigger

Machine Control for Excavators

LandCad is used worldwide by approximately 1000 customers.


Engineers and Contractors (Jamaica, New Guinea, Bangla Desh, Greenland, Poland)

HOFFMANN (Greenland)

Centre for Tropical Ecosystems Research, University of Aarhus, DK

LandCad Contact :


Phone : +45 98 17 94 85

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